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PuTTY, ST_MEM, and Arduino

While I still have not made as much headway as I would have liked to, I am slowly inching towards my original goal.

I have made a decent discovery. As I posted earlier when I try to flash the new firmware onto my hard drive with ST_MEM_SDLD, the flashing usually succeeds, but the but the drive refuses to see that APP code, and I am stuck in Level F. I Recently discovered, however that if I switch back and forth between PuTTY and ST_MEM, it works about 90% of the time. At first, I set the speed, and send the initial preparatory flashing command via PuTTY, then disconnect that terminal and switch to ST_MEM for the actual flashing procedure. (PuTTY doesn’t have the necessary code for the SDLD protocol. If I could find some documentation on this protocol, I would try to put it in myself.)

As it stands, the APP Code flashes successfully most of the time, and I am able to get to Level T, but as yet I still have not been able to get the CERT Code to flash correctly. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I keep working, though in hopes that someday soon, it’s secrets will be made know to me. We are making progress!

I have also discovered that by using an Arduino in place of my TTY/R233 adapter, I have gotten a more reliable connection. This has resulted in fewer failed flash attempts. (Prior to using this, sending the APP code would freeze half way through, and I would have to start over about 65% 0f the time)

To set up an Arduino to do this, just put a jumper wire from the Reset Pin to GND. Then your computer will detect the Arduino as a COM port. You can then hook up your hard drive to the Tx and Rx pins on the Arduino.



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