Move to Dropbox

I was informed the yesterday that my files were not working on Minus. I think they have disabled the download of anything that is not Text, Picture, or Audio. Since this is the case, I have moved all of my files, and a few extras, to Dropbox.

This is the new link:

Hopefully they will be of benefit to someone.

DEC-2017 EDIT: I’ve been informed that my dropbox is getting hammered, so I’ve zipped everything and put it all on mediafire as well:

Real life has gotten in the way of this project, and I’m sorry I don’t have anything to report on yet. My Xbox has been in my closet for over 2 years now, and I don’t think I will have the time to see this through. Please share your successes and failures! I’d love to hear about anyone who can get this working.


9 thoughts on “Move to Dropbox

  1. Ron Derkis says:

    Thank You!
    Thank You!

  2. Evergreen2 says:

    thanks for this 😉

  3. Ing-Dono says:

    Can’t access the dropbox. “Link temporarily disabled.” 😦

  4. Lion says:

    Hi, i’m traying to make my seagate st9250315as works, but the link of the utilities doesn’t work mediafire says “Dangerous File Blocked”.

    • darthcircuit says:

      I scanned them before the initial upload several years ago with no result. I checked my files with and apparently the SeDiv program is riddled with viruses. I’ll change my links and upload what files I have that are not infected.

      PS, SeDiv has a new version and a decent website now, but don’t be fooled! I downloaded their latest release, and it is also riddled with viruses. They hide this from file hosts by putting a password on their archive. As soon as you take off the password, and scan it again, it shows it’s true nature. Do not trust them. I’m so sorry to have distributed this file for so long ignorantly.

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